Ever since the earliest stone carvings in Valcamonica, created more than 10,000 years ago by hunters and shamans as they followed the herds, the people of Italy have been glorifying life with their art. Italy is renowned for the high quality of its Fine Art, whether paintings, sculpture, wood carvings, architectural features, or photography.

Italians grow up surrounded by art in the cathedrals, museums, villas, palazzos, and town squares. Painting are found everywhere, reflecting an incredible breadth of artistic vision. Statues stand majestically atop pedestals and gracefully adorn fountains and gardens.

Fine Italian Art is a feast for the senses: lush, vibrant, drawing the eye from one aspect to the next. Today's artists express their unique interpretations of the world through the prism of their imaginations. Welcome the work of these spectacular artists into your own home or business.

Everyone is an Expert on the Art They Love

Italian Fine Art is recognized and appreciated by art lovers around the world. The wonderful thing about art is that it can be enjoyed by anyone, whether a child or an expert who has spent a lifetime studying. There is no right or wrong art, as all that matters is how that particular artwork is perceived by the viewer. Is there an emotional connection? Does it bring a smile or a moment of reflection? Will this piece be enjoyed each time it is looked at? That's the only criteria that ultimately matters.

Art as Focal Point or Decor

Art provides the finishing touch in countless beautiful homes. Some will use an artwork as the focal point in a room, with the decor chosen to enhance the art. In other homes, the art is chosen to emphasize existing features of the room. Choose Italian Fine Art you love, something beautiful, something interesting, something magnificent, something whimsical. Whatever is chosen will be a personal reflection of your own style and taste.

Paintings - Unique Artistic Visions

There are as many different artistic styles as there are artists, but paintings are often classified into different schools or categories. The work of modern Italian artists draws from an incredibly rich tradition, but reflects their own unique viewpoints. Many current artists were influenced to some extent by one or more of the Italian art movements of the previous century.

  • Futurism was the first of many Italian art movements that strove to break into new artistic arenas. Like the French Cubists, futurists glorified the machine age in the early 20th century. Multiple images and colors were used to express the overlapping energies of modern life.
  • The Metaphysical movement was born in Ferrara in 1917. Unlike the futurists, metaphysical paintings expressed illogical and strange dreamlike images.
  • The Novecento movement was formed by a group of artists in Milan whose paintings returned to the greatest traditions of Italian representational art. Rather than joining the avant-garde movement, these artists—and many of today's artists—embrace the artistic traditions from Italy's incredible past.
  • Arte Povera, or "impoverished art," dates from the 1960s and made use of common or valueless materials to create completely unique pieces.
  • Transavantgarde describes art, usually paintings or sculpture, that has traditional roots, does not reflect any political views and is eclectic, taking inspiration from many sources. Much of the art seen today falls under this general description.

Abstract art, from artists such as Mario Salvo, Gloria Key or a great number of young, contemporary artists, allows for personal interpretation by the viewer. It draws upon the past but is a totally new creation. These paintings are striking, always drawing attention and interest.

Representational art has always been popular. There is a great variety to choose from. A few possibilities to view include landscapes from Lucio Tarzariol or Marilina Marchica, a Roberto Gabrieli portrait, nudes from Giovanni Gabriele, or Rosanna Cecchele florals.

Other media are represented by brilliant, abstract ceramized lava stone works and a beautiful handmade cachepot that brings to mind the ancient frescoes from the past.

Sculpture - Prized Throughout the Ages

Artists have been shaping stone, marble, clay and wood for countless centuries. Long before the discovery of writing, people were creating sculptures of gods and animals. Today's Italian sculptors continue this ancient tradition, bringing modern sensitivities to their work.

Master Tonino Scuccimarra's work reflects the artist's strong, but resolute personality. Pieces such as Balerina (Dancer at rest) would be the highlight of anyone's personal collection. A lifetime of studying with the great masters of Italy resulted in the creation of many monumental works, including the famous Sicilian statue of the Virgin of Fiumefreddo.

Piero Bonacina represents self-taught Italian sculptors. His works express the harmonious interaction between man and nature. Many of his pieces are displayed in the artist's own garden and museums but would look just as beautiful in your home.

There is a tremendous variety of Italian Sculpture. Handmade painted and unpainted terracotta sculptures by Salvatore Floridia from Caltagirone celebrate the daily lives of everyday workers, such as fishermen, basket-makers, or ceramists. The intricate detail in these and similar works makes them a delight to examine repeatedly.

Photography - a Celebration of the Unique Eye of the Artist

An artist looks at an everyday object and sees the rare beauty that others don't notice. Pietro Martinello spotted some banknotes in a Venetian bar, inspiring his magnificent photographs of historical icons.

Martinello's Faces of Money series of photos reveals the strength of Genghis Khan, the nobility of the Hungarian King Charles I, the joy of Gandhi, the warmth of Maria Montessori, and the steadfastness of the young Queen Elizabeth II. Featured in magazines and a Luxembourg art gallery, any or all of these tantalizing portraits would be admired by all who saw them in your home.

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