First impressions are everything.

The living room is the first place people see of your house, but also probably the space where you spend the most of your time when at home.

Spring is here so what's the best time for a living room refresh? Follow our five easy tips!

1. Clean and rearrange, before adding

The very first word to keep in mind is declutter.

Get rid of all those useless things piled up during the past months and that you don't like anymore, or don't mean anything to you. Don't throw away: you can sell at flea markets or online websites, but also give away and donate.

Only after decluttering you can start having fun in rearranging the things you already have. Start with small decorative objects, by removing everything from walls and from the top of shelves and furniture, and then put everything on the floor. Then, try to sort things in new groups and rearrange them in a more uniform way, for example in group of colours.

Finally, place things according to the new arrangement: now it's time to think about new objects for your home, if needed: here some ideas!

big mirror over the couch or the chest

2. Add something mirrored

Mirrors are not just for bathrooms and bedrooms, as people usually think.

They are a great way to decorate a living room, by adding character and also by giving new depth to the space.

You can have fun with decorative mirrors by styling them in different ways in your living room. Try adding one statement big mirror over the couch or the chest, or also try less conventional ways to decorate with mirrors, for example with a cluster of mirrors on an accent wall…or just lay on the floor a big mirror without hanging it on the wall!

sophisticated Italian mirrors

3. Add something cosy

Don't forget fabrics in your living room refresh.

Take down all the old and heavy drapes and replace with light and clean fabrics, such as organza and linen for example. Change also the pillow covers by replacing the dark and heavy ones with new white and bright patterns or floral motifs.

Don't forget also to style a cozy relax corner in your living room, to enjoy some time reading a good book or just relaxing. You can just rearrange what you have in a new way, or maybe think about buying a new comfortable chair, or a side table, or a new table lamp for your corner.

Relax corner collection

free your fancy and have a look at our

4. Add something green

Indoor plants are the best way to feel the spring vibe at home. So just go to the florist nearby and have fun in choosing some new plants for your living room. Don't be afraid, they will never be too much and Greenery is also one the main trends of this year.

Have a look here to know which are the main interior trends for this 2017.

Don’t forget then to choose and purchase a beautiful vase for your new green corner. A Murano glass vase, a ceramic one, a majolica vase: free your fancy and have a look at our vases collection!

5. Add something unique and special

Invest on a new handcrafted object to add an extra touch of style to your living room, on something unique with the extra value of handmade quality.

If you love Italian style, have a look at our collections of unique objects that can change the whole look!

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