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Adjustable Table Lamp Mod.01 “IGOR” The Illusionist

Adjustable Table Lamp Mod.01 “IGOR” The Illusionist

Adjustable Table Lamp Mod.01 “IGOR” The Illusionist

$632.00 USD
Size and Dimensions

Height: 47 cm: Width: 33 cm: Depth: 19 cm: Weight: 2.00 kg


Estimated Shipping time: 3/4 weeks
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Adjustable Italian table lamp for interior decoration, made of carbon steel, laser cut, painted or handcrafted with paints or with special effect paints (LUX Line) or with powder paints (ECO line), coloured fabric cable, LED light source Natural White or Warm White. Possibility of customization on request.

Product Story

The creation of this lamp-sculpture was a personal challenge, since the author has tried to translate from a real and material surface, the frame of a scene engraved in her memory and a sensation experienced on an emotional level. The experience, therefore, was represented in a concrete and real way through the birth of a lamp-sculpture, which has been given an identity and a specified functionality, in addition to a very original aesthetic and pleasing to the spectator, through a ductile material and readily available. For the realization, very complex and articulated of this lamp-sculpture, which is born from artistic expression of a particular moment experienced by the author, it had to use necessarily a ductile material, as the steel sheet, easily workable and weldable which would avoid realization of molds and higher cost that would definitely lead to a reversal of the initial idea and the industrialization of a product that was born as a mere expression of experienced artist-designer.

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