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Artisan: I Muranesi

Ambiente "Ragnatela" Large White Black Lamp

Ambiente "Ragnatela" Large White Black Lamp

I Muranesi

Ambiente "Ragnatela" Large White Black Lamp

$381.00 USD
Size and Dimensions

Height: 43 cm: Width: 38 cm: Depth: 18 cm: Weight: 4.00 kg


Estimated Shipping time: 3/4 weeks
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As a black scrawl on a white background or as a white scrawl on a red background, the Web lamps are mouth blown. While the glass bubble is still hot, skilful glass masters forge them by hand into so many different shapes that each Italian table lamp represents its own unique design. Even in the simplicity of a web-decorated lamp, the quality of an artisanal Murano glass item is self-evident. The full light of the soft white glass or the enveloping light of the ruby red will create the right atmosphere of your home. All working phases depend from the Master's manual skill and the temperature of the glass paste. Each item can never have its identical twin. Each piece is originally "unique".* All our products are provided with a Certificate of Guarantee.

Product Story

Table-lamp made of Murano glass, mouth-blown and skilfully hand made according to the ancient tecniques of the Venetian Glassmasters.

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