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Artisan: Jilavie di Jlenia Carrubba




$299.00 USD
Size and Dimensions

Height: 37 cm: Width: 35 cm: Depth: 2 cm: Weight: 230.00 g


Estimated Shipping time: 3/4 weeks
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Refined handmade leather jabot created by the multi skilled designer Jlenia Carrubba better known as Jilavie. She was born in Sicily, in the town of Syracuse, the capital of the ancient world which offers the perfect scenery for carrying out the trade of creative arts. Today, Jilavie makes her works in the city of Catania, where her lively Laboratory is located and it is an extraordinary forge of exclusively handmade sumptuous and smart female ornaments and accessories which are unique works in strictly limited editions. The material she uses is leather, a fine and ancient material which fully belongs to those materials that have made known to the world the great italian manufacturing tradition since early Middle Ages. As a timeless product, the leather in Jilavie’s production takes on a new and very modern aspect. Thanks to an accurate weaving of leather scraps of different colours and irregular patterns and a combination of cuttings, piercings and engravings, her leather creations have become real "sculptures " which you can put on your dresses, chemisiers or coats. The special working techniques and handmade decorations give the possibility of an endless number of combinations of shapes and colours that are always unique and not imitable.

Product Story

This creation with the brand Jilavie belongs to Future Collection. While she was mending a jabot collar of an old shirt, Jilavie, who has always focused on having a revival of the past and bring it to future, decided to recreate a series of old ornaments, that have usually been worn by men, in a modern style. That is what she calls Future Collection. With Jilavie’s tradition and creativity, elegance and sensuality become perfect combinations giving emphasis to the style and feminity of every woman.

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