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Artisan: Metal Lux

Astro Wall Lamp diameter 40 cm

Astro Wall Lamp diameter 40 cm

Metal Lux

Astro Wall Lamp diameter 40 cm

$386.00 USD
Size and Dimensions

Height: 40 cm: Width: 40 cm: Depth: 20 cm: Weight: 2.00 kg


Estimated Shipping time: 3/4 weeks
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Ceiling/Wall lamp. Diam. 40 cm, depth 20cm, 2 x 40W G9 n.i. Chrome plated frame, soft copper arms, 50 glass curls white. Different glass colors available. You can mix the coloured glasses, you can create your unique piece and decide to change the style of your lamp at any time.

Product Story

On the threshold of 50 years of history Metal Lux continues its slow measured journey on its personal search for light. A story which, starting from an ancient tradition linked to a unique area for the beauty of its landscape and the elegance of the many monuments of art and architecture, Metal Lux has continued to play with simplicity with the goal of creating elegant forms linked to traditional lighting, but also attentive to the new demands related to the development of new technologies and innovative aesthetic. A bit like certain music (Vivaldi, Marcello) that despite being clearly linked to an historical phase of the musical language contains such a charge elegant beauty to cause even today shivers of emotion and surprise as if they had been created by a contemporary author. This is the language of Metal Lux Tradition. A language made of consistent strength in the forms, attention to the proportions, measured and wise use of materials and advanced technologies. All this facilitated by an equipment of machines of high technology constantly renewed.

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