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Artisan: Ceramiche d'Arte Floridia Salvatore

Ceramic Christmas tree with led lights h 56 cm

Ceramic Christmas tree with led lights h 56 cm

Ceramic Christmas tree with led lights h 56 cm

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The Lighted Ceramic Christmas tree shown here is a piece made entirely by hand, this determines its uniqueness. The base is in clay of the best quality and is achieved through the traditional machining lathe; the leaves are made of clay and placed by hand one by one, as well as the decorations: stars, candles, balls, butterflies, flowers and angels. After the passage from the furnaces (where the trees, for the first firing, reach a temperature of 980 ° C), we get the so-called "biscuit" which is then enamelled, with white gloss enamel , which forms the base on which it is implemented the polychrome decoration. All colors are applied by hand with fine brushes and when trees are subjected to the second firing (kilns reach temperatures of 930 ° C), they undergo a fusion process that makes each piece bright and shining as if it were illuminated by light own. Packaging and box are included in the price. In this particular version, the Christmas tree is equipped with internal LED lighting, a play of light and colors will make your tree even more shining. Show here in its fifth measure, of about 56 cm high. Being a product entirely artisanal measures and dimensions may vary slightly.

The Christmas tree that you see made in various sizes and colors and designed and realized for the first time in 2013. The realization of the Christmas tree is a very recent production on which we apply the classic colors of the ancient tradition of ceramics of Caltagirone copper green for the leaves, pink, yellow orange, green leaf, antique blue, cobalt blue, emerald green and lemon yellow for the rest.

Christmas trees in ceramics of Caltagirone, totally handmade. Available colors: : Multicolor decoration, Blue decoration, Red decoration, Yellow decoration , White Leaf.

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