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Artisan: Zad Italy



Zad Italy


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Design shelves made in Adamantx®, sold individually or in couple. From the greatest measure W. 200 x D. 25 x 70 H. cm., to the smallest W. 120 x D. 25 x 22 H. cm. Fabulous in its shape, it give elegance and originality to every space. What are you waiting for, make your environment unique.

Product Story

All the items are made in Adamantx® 100% made in Italy, thanks to the bravery and professionalism of skillful craftsmen; every detail is scrupulously carfully done under the supervision of professionals operating in the design sector for many years. Adamantx®, is an innovative material which allows to create whatever shape, to perform unique designed objects and projects. Adamant® is a composite material obtained from the processing of expanded coated with special resins, which is revolutionizing world’s design-this material born from years of studies, experimentations and technical applications in lab. Adamantx® is a solide surface made in Italy. This product is ideal for architects, designers, riggers and planners which are now able to make real what just dreamed till now. From the studies of trends and visual culture, to the know how of the distributing system, from visual merchandising to marketing and users psychology, Adamantx® has been realized to be a real revolutionary product. Beside being innovative product, it has a numbers of features which making it unique. That is why is something different from all others, classic and common till recently discovered similar products. Versatility, Hardy, Monolithic Aspect, Lightness, Washable, Flame Retardant, No Master. Thanks to this versatility, designers are free to change their projects on going without any additional cost after purchasing.

Product Information

Monolithic aspect, ultra light, perfect matt or glossy lacquering with anti-scratch ceramic treatment. 100% made in Italy Progressive serial numbers engraved on each item Certificate of membership, authenticity, unicity and quality 20 pages purchased product personalized catalog HD photographic report before delivery Indestructible packaging for transports all over the word.

Details & Dimensions

  • Height: 70 cm
  • Width: 200 cm
  • Depth: 25 cm
  • Weight: 11.00 kg
  • Handmade In Italy
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