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Artisan: Pina Perazza

"Dancing around a Paraiba’s triangle" from "Concerts" Line

"Dancing around a Paraiba’s triangle" from "Concerts" Line

Pina Perazza

"Dancing around a Paraiba’s triangle" from "Concerts" Line

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The Concerts line is a part of my jewelry in which gems became protagonists , as a group or an “orchestra”. Every gem is an entity. It discovers its most expression but it getting along with the other and this creates always new resonances.

“…the natural gems are like entity, everyone is different from the others and it shines by own light. This earrings born around two little brasilian Paraiba tourmalines triangles. They have a feeble color but in the same time penetrating. This color attracted to me. One day, to enjoy my self, I started to put other gems, around Paraiba Tourmalines, with colors that satisfied my eyes. All of a sudden I saw the earrings finished…as soon as was possible (after a lot of months!) I made it.”

1 pair of earrings in pure gold 750 0/00 (18 KT) and natural gems. They are realized by mixed techniques:they are lost wax molded in one specimen then they are completed on my work table. Pure gold 750 0/00 (18 KT) gr 8,3 2 Triangle cut Tourmalines carat 0,32 Amethyst carat 4,7 Citric quartz carat 4,2 Green Tourmaline carat 3,1

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