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Artisan: Ed Francesco Maria CALL

'Detessuta in arancione' (Omaggio a Salvatore Emblema)'

'Detessuta in arancione' (Omaggio a Salvatore Emblema)'

'Detessuta in arancione' (Omaggio a Salvatore Emblema)'

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Oil painting, mixed technic execution and jute, canvas, cardboard and wood support; hand made frame by the Artist. Colors have been personally prepared by the Master. All works have been certified, cataloged and authenticated by the Artist Edoardo Francesco Maria Callos. 

Product Story

Excellent work quality and great reputation has been attributed to the Artist by several Art Galleries. Solo and group exhibitions: - Art Gallery NSE (Galleria Cavour Bologna - Italia) 2009 - Gallery 18 (Bologna - Italia), collectively "The distinguished strangers" in December 2010. - The Small Gallery (Bologna - Italia) 2011, classified and cataloged with work.

Product Information

On each painting a different technic has been used among paints, tempera, enamel, chalk, plaster, charcoal base, personally selected by the Master. Frames have been cut and handcrafted with jute canvas (with rele-vant primers) by the Artist Edoardo Francesco Maria Callos.

Details & Dimensions

  • Height: 48 cm
  • Width: 55 cm
  • Depth: 4 cm
  • Weight: 1.00 kg
  • Handmade In Italy
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