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Artisan: Tarzariol Lucio

Entitled original artistic creation: Alien

Entitled original artistic creation: Alien

Entitled original artistic creation: Alien

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Work made of canvas support. Mixed technique: Oil on canvas. Handicraft. Famous historical painting of the artist Lucio Tarzariol from Castle Roganzuolo coming from his research gods "Archeoalienismo".

Work entitled "Alien", repeatedly published in national and international scientific journals, art catalogs and magazines dealing with UFO and archaeological mysteries. Work exhibited in various parts of the world (Galleries, shows) belonging to the series: "Archeoalienismo"

Product Information: handmade Opera by the artist Lucio Tarzariol from Castle Roganzuolo. These works are the physical display of both the research and studies that the artist publishes as articles in several specialistic national and international journals and catalogs. It belongs to the series: "Archeoalienismo". term coined by the same artist. I have coined the term "Archeoalienismo" or better " artistic Archeoalienismo " with the intention of identifying and promoting the artistic research unity, aimed to reveal the true origin of mankind, the future evolution and to highlight the possible contacts we have been and there will still be with "the divine archetype" who have always been in touch with the earthly humanity who, undoubtedly owes, its evolutionary state of consciousness to the archaic meetings with other forms of extraterrestrial life, who have always been religious archetypes and guidance of our people. This research is based on a strong inner logic analysis corroborated by a historical research, symbolism and archaeological news and comparisons, which fortunately for us today are not hidden by "government authorities" and more available in the public domain. The Archeoalinenismo "will bring a new concept of human evolution, a new concept of" Creation, hybridization ", which will have a great impact on the culture and information in our future; thus spreading new "cosmopolitan" awareness of brotherhood. This is happening and it will happen more and more because, "Art", indeed, has always been one of the most ancient and appropriate communication means and, as we know, it is the creative power of art, which is needed and searched by the Artist, which becomes, at the same time, "visual medium" to probe the future and the past, where the search for our origins with a "symbolic and etymological survey", will bring a future, wider and new awareness to the rest of the nations. website:www.artealiena.

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