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Artisan: Pataviumart





$15,129.00 USD
Size and Dimensions

Height: 110 cm: Width: 110 cm: Depth: 110 cm: Weight: 70.00 kg


Estimated Shipping time: 3/4 weeks
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An enchanting spell whispers from the Italian chandeliers showing Murano glass modern sculptures dancing on shining iron structures. The light filters through these silhouettes reflecting a kaleidoscopic rainbow, whereas some pleated weightless chiffon is included in the chandelier framework – by overturning the usual concept of fabric shades and crystal pendants. Light filers through the glass also in the collection inspired by the Art Déco movement: essential structures containing Murano glass plates decorated with elegant chess patterns, geometrical drawings, curved lines and enriched with glass straws, squared crystals and small spheres.

Product Story

The unique style of Pataviumart is defined through the history of its collections, which have been searching in the roots of the past a point of departure for a current design - rich in character and innovation. Simonetta Gomiero, designer and President of the company, has been creating small masterpieces, inspired by the splendour of Versailles royal courts, by the opulence of the Italian Renaissance, by the romanticism of oriental fairy-tales. Above all, in love with Venice, Simonetta has been stimulating her creativity in the lanes and the palaces, on the channels and in front of the breathtaking glimpses of the floating town –where History is magically widespread in any corner. The Beauty of Pataviumart collections is there: in each single product, you will find all our passion, and our effort to tell you a story. You will find a lovely care for details, the traditional artisans ability, and the creativity of someone able to go beyond physical reality. You will find the imagination, and the talent to get an idea from the past and bring it here, in our days – among the houses, in the palaces – with a new dress, but with its yesterday scent.

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