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Artisan: Ceramiche Gurreri

Head of browen (metal effect) woman

Head of browen (metal effect) woman

Head of browen (metal effect) woman

$304.00 USD
Size and Dimensions

Height: 36 cm: Width: 30 cm: Depth: 30 cm: Weight: 10.00 kg


Estimated Shipping time: 3/4 weeks
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Dark brown ceramics of Caltagirone handmade , the colors used are innovation metal effect, this artistic subject is fully Sicily and its history . Dimensions: Height 32cm head + 6 cm ( crown ).

Product Story

Ceramic head of Caltagirone, handmade "It is said that in the Arab neighborhood of Palermo, the Kalsa, during the Arab domination, there lived a beautiful girl who spent her days to cure the flowers of his balcone.Un day, a young dark , passing under the balcony of the girl, she looked after while he noticed his plants and he fell in love with her. The immediately declared his love and beautiful girl, struck by the boldness of the suitor, returned the sentiment. Unfortunately the young Moor was already married and had a couple of children, and when the girl knew he would be leaving to return to his family in the East, he waited the night and killed him in full sleep. Cut off his head, he made a "Grasta" where dell'odoroso planted basil and put it on display outside the balcony. The dark, so we could no longer "starting" remained forever with her: the plant watered every morning with her tears, grew lush and aroused the envy of the neighborhood's residents, not to be outdone, became manufacture of clay pots in the shape of brown. "

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