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Artisan: Pina Perazza

"Little Crowing Rooster"

"Little Crowing Rooster"

Pina Perazza

"Little Crowing Rooster"

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Pina Perazza, educated in the humanities, is a multifaceted artist and has worked as a goldsmith since 1982 . Although constantly experimenting with new forms and materials, Ms. Perazza’s work is deeply rooted in traditional crafts. Her work with gold and precious gems is particularly influenced by the the natural world of plants and animals which one can see in her rooster brooch; an excellent example of technical skill and refined sculptural art. “Little Crowing Rooster”is completely hand made and is a single copy. The artist admits that it would be possible to reproduce a similiar brooch but never an identical copy.

Product Story

"...many figurative artists coming from varied backgrounds, have experimented with the image of the rooster. The rooster typifies in nature a certain ferocity, force, courage, and vital energy. However in other traditions it symbolizes spiritual awakening and a return to the light after the darkness of the night. My little rooster crows at the top of his voice, his body directed towards the sky, but with his feet well planted on the ground.

Product Information

Since the brooch must be commissioned, the quantities of gold and gems are only an estimate: Gold 18 KT about 18 gr; 30 Brilliant cut diamond about 1.00 carat; 30 Brilliant cut ruby about 1.00 carat; 15/20 Brilliant cut Emerald about 0.60 carat; 1 Brilliant cut Sapphire about 0.05 carat; 1 Australian pearl diameter 12x16 mm about 16 carat. Height 4,5 cm; Width 4,5 cm. If you want a bigger brooch we can use a bigger Australian pearl diameter 15x20 mm about 25 carat.

Details & Dimensions

  • Height: 4 cm
  • Width: 4 cm
  • Depth: 2 cm
  • Weight: 25.00 g
  • Handmade In Italy
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