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Lucy, special edition, is a bag with a limited production.
 Only few pieces have been created and still 3 are available.
 It is a piece with a strong personality.... a rare shape.. made of Olive wood.
 Pure design...
100% handmade in Italy. Embawo uses only certified wood. Every creation is an EXCLUSIVE piece, a masterpiece of the authentic MADE in ITALY.

Product Story

Roundness of the models arise from a paste special plywood that creates particular and refined bends and curves. The longevity of the bags is guaranteed by a coating of lacquer or oil or wax , scratch-resistant, that protects from water and accidental marks . Embawo chose to use mainly locally sourced wood, not only to respect the environment, but above all for its uniqueness. The European woods such as walnut, olive, apple, offers veins that give a new charm from the point of view, making each model unique. Upon request , essences of African origin are used, such as wenge, zebrano or rosewood, to add an exotic touch to the class of the bag .

Product Information

EMBAWO creations combine the most excellent Made in Italy craftsmanship in the most innovative and avant-garde design. The result is an ecological and innovative line of bags. Wood is a natural element of design, not only beautiful and modern but also able to convey a feeling of warmth and pleasantness. These are precisely the characteristics that make the wood an attractive material for everyday or special circumstances . The beauty of this material does not have time.

Details & Dimensions

  • Height: 42 cm
  • Width: 32 cm
  • Depth: 11 cm
  • Weight: 950.00 kg
  • Handmade In Italy
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