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This container involves vision in the search for a possible path that takes us to a non-existent place with no direction. The white colour in the background suggests a conceptual content that leads us to spaces that are inevitably impossible to define, in which imagination is the total arbiter.

Product Story

This piece of art is a slow and reasoned reflection, a patient and meticulous investigation on man and his nature. They are solid objects, with their transparency they do not give answers but ask questions. Great importance is given to the container, seen as a sort of showcase, which serves and protects the material inside which is exhibited as the key concept. This material shows up and reveals its features with a symbolic identification, you can look at the world through them but as they are being crossed they are not transparent. The "void" that exists between the material and the container becomes content and the aesthetic emotion that it causes, leads the observer to investigate on the di position of everything.

Product Information

Multiple art made of transparent plexiglass (PMMA) with dimensions of: H: 32,00 cm L: 32,00 cm P: 8.00 cm The content inside is made of printed polycarbonate, opaque and/or transparent. The base of the container is made of black plexiglass with printed on the bottom the company logo, the title of the work, the sequence number of production and the artist's signature. The object is complete with individual packaging and packaging for shipping within lies an authentic card. "Percorsi" is part of the collection "Identity Containers" made by Brunello Art Design

Details & Dimensions

  • Height: 32 cm
  • Width: 32 cm
  • Depth: 8 cm
  • Weight: 1700.00 g
  • Handmade In Italy
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