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Artisan: Bubani

Plafoniera Piccola

Plafoniera Piccola


Plafoniera Piccola

$5,829.00 USD
Size and Dimensions

Height: 55 cm: Width: 45 cm: Depth: 45 cm: Weight: 15.00 kg


Estimated Shipping time: 3/4 weeks
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Chandelier made of little balls glass that reflect light in a particular way and decorate illuminating any environment If you like clear glass version is available.

Product Story

Each object of craftsmanship has a special process and specific, and requires years of experience and a lot of passion. One of the most special and laborious manufacture is that of the Plafoniera, but it's worth it! It begins with preparing the needed on the working table and then it begins to bind together with the iron wire each piece. This process can take up to several weeks depending on the size of the light fixture. Once connected the Murano glass balls you switch to the mounting on the frame. The glass worked in the furnace has the same treatment that is given to all the glass realized for all the products. Being able to recreate perfect spheres is virtually impossible, but the beauty is just that, each ball is unique and precious. Each chain of spheres is therefore richer for the work and passion of those with hands, ties together all the balls to create objects that last in time. Items like these will go perfectly in any kind of own space because they are created specifically according to the needs of our customers.

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