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Artisan: Pietro Martinello

Queen Elizabeth II, Australia | Faces of Money | 39,3 x 55,1” (100x140 cm)

Queen Elizabeth II, Australia | Faces of Money | 39,3 x 55,1” (1

Queen Elizabeth II, Australia | Faces of Money | 39,3 x 55,1” (100x140 cm)

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Faces of Money: a glimpse into the relations between history, economy, and national identities. We handle and exchange it every day, without hardly ever thinking about its origin. Of its graphic content, we are only concerned with the numbers. We take the cold, stylized faces of leaders and public figures for granted, so much that they seem more like artifacts of nature rather than people who once lived. Beneath those engraved faces, however, lie a myriad stories edited down, simplified and glorified by the nations they helped establish and enrich. Real people rarely have lives as clear and goaloriented as national narratives make them sound. Within their vast complexities are a profusion of unusual anecdotes, forgotten events and actions which would have contrasted greatly with their historically-forged images. There are also stories in the making of those public images as well. The editing-down and commodification of rulers or public figures can happen in a lot of different ways. Sometimes it is deliberately down to establish a political cult. Sometimes they are dragged out from the pages of history after an authoritarian regime fades away. And sometimes, they are used by authoritarian regimes themselves to bolster a sense of historical unity.

These macro photographs of banknotes from all over the world were taken between 2008 and 2009 while working on an issue of Colors Magazine about Money. Banknotes were found in an old bar of Venice and in a few collections in Treviso and Vicenza. Some of the pictures have been featured in GQ, Forbes Magazine, Il Sole 24 Ore, Vokrug Sveta, L'Officiel, and exhibited at the Carrè Rotondes Gallery of Luxembourg.

Photographic print on Kodak Ultra Endura® paper, mounted under 5mm Plexiglas® with UV protection, 1mm aluminium on the back , 20mm spacer on 4 sides Size: 39,3 x 55,1” (100x140 cm)

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