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Artisan: Oscar Pevarello

"Struttura MADI" #1 - 2016 - painted iron - cm120x90x8

"Struttura MADI" #1 - 2016 - painted iron - cm120x90x8

"Struttura MADI" #1 - 2016 - painted iron - cm120x90x8

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Size and Dimensions

Height: 100 cm: Width: 80 cm: Depth: 7 cm: Weight: 8.00 kg


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"Struttura MADI" # 1- 2016 - Painted iron - cm 120x90x8 The work is cataloged and authenticated by the artist Franco Cortese The work was premiated at the International Art Exibition " 43° PREMIO SULMONA 2016 - Polo Museale Diocesano, Sulmona (AQ) Italy. Art critics: Vittorio Sgarbi, Giorgio Di Genova, Enzo Le Pera, Carlo Fabrizio Carli, Raffaele Giannantonio, Duccio Trombadori e Maurizio Vitiello. Exhibited: "La Mia Casa" FIERA di Arredo e Designer - Gravina in Puglia (BA) Italy Art MADI Movement International M: movement A: abstraction D: dimension I: invetion MADI Artists: - don't represent nothing - don't express nothing - don't symbolize nothing but create the thing in his presence, in his own immanence, the thing is in the space and in the time...EXIST

Product Story

For years, geometric research for Franco Cortese has been an essential part of is art work that carries multi-directional forms. To follow the MADI philosophy has been, and it is for Cortese, a natural continuation of is plastic proposals characterized from simple harmonious structures suspended in temporal spaces, as a development of sharp cuts and curved and sensual forms and also as germination and free and re-definable growth of emblematic occupation in a vital impulse of the space and in the space. In the last few years he has simplified his creations by reducing the essential forms when decreasing and unfolding on the leaf, as explorations of the folds of space and time. Besides, he selects authentic MADI elements in an attempt to respond to constructive desire free from rigid syntax and visually and mentally obliging.

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