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Artisan: Pina Perazza



Pina Perazza


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The principal metal Titanium's virtues are tenacity, strength and noble beauty that it shares with who wears it. In Pina Perazza's pictorial sculptures these virtues are intensified by her particular tecnique, that it makes every jewel uinique and unrepeatable. Moulded and caverd one at time in wave forms of nature, these piece are further enhanced by a particular energy which one finds traces of only in antique jewelery. Technique quaity: The Titanium is known thanks for its refined employments. The jewels made with it are rust-proof, bio compatible, anti allergic, extremly light and very resistent. In the sculpure-collar’s hollows have been iintegreated some pure gold inserts (24K). The pure gold being flexible it is mechanically fixed from the back ,then it is engraved and shaped by chiesel in front.

This pure Titanium and pure gold collar is an historical piece of my atelier. It was born more than 20 years ago from a partnership between me and a sculptor, that he teach me loats of things: Lando Bracci. ( The collar is really a unique piece). It was a challenge against big techique difficulties that just who know Titanium metal can understand. The titanium is very hard, file , cutter or traditional tools resistant, it melt near 2000 degree and with heat it unexpectedly change his qualities. From the challange between the extremes was born a jewel that conserves untreated nature’s plasticity and energy. The nature is glorified, honored from the perfect circle’s shape, where the nature’s shape waves flow through titanium’s jerk of light as jems that come out from untreated nature and the shine, deep hollow where the gold lay down and worm it.

Titanium and Gold necklace: Inner diameter cm 12/12,5; External diameter max cm 15,5; Titanium 999 0/00 (24 KT) 131 gr; Pure Gold 999 0/00 (24 KT) 10,2 gr;

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