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Artisan: Pina Perazza



Pina Perazza


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The metal titanium's principal virtues are tenacity, strength and a noble beauty that is transmited to he or she who wears it. In Pina Perazza's pictorial sculptures these qualities are intensified by her particular crafting technique which is exclusively manual, and gaurantees the uniqueness of every piece of jewelery . Molded and carved one at a time in the wave forms of nature, these piece are further enhanced by a particular energy which one normally finds traces of only in antique jewelery. These pieces of jewelry are extremely light and very resistant to any form of mechanical or chemical corrosion. They will mantain the polish and lumunosity of their surfaces almost indefinitely. Unlike other metals (including gold which is inevitably an alloy and will present signs of oxidation of it's components) titanium is inoxidizable, biocampatible, and nonallergenic, which makes it particulary suitable for those who suffer from metal allergies. This jewelry is versatile and easy to wear due to the sobriety of it's style and the simplicity of it's forms. In order to increase the opulent and luminescent nature of titanium, pieces of pure gold (24 kt) were embedded into the “Titanium Torque” . Since pure gold is extremely flexible, after it's fixture to the back of the collar it was possible to mold it in different shapes with appropriate handmade chisels (Agemina). .

Product Story

This collar in titanium and gold is a unique and historic piece in my artistic production and was created more than 20 years ago. It grew out of a collaboration with the artist, and sculptor Lando Bracci, the man I consider to be my master teacher. The project was an enormous technical challenge and can be fully appreciated only by those who have some experience with titanium; a metal that unexpectably changes it's characteristics after thermal or mechanical treatment. It can become unbelievably hard, almost impossible to work on with traditional tools, and it also fuses at very high tempertures (upward of 2000 degrees). It was out of these particulare circumstances that the “Titanium Torque” was born. The idea was to perserve the plasticity and the energy of titanium in its natural state while dominating it and essentially perserving it in the perfect form of the circle. Natural wave like forms similiar to a spiral move rhythmically through the piece, and from the rustic surface of the natural titanium we can see the sparkle of gem like light emanating from their centers. The embracing gold was used for ulterior warm and luminosity.

Product Information

Titanium and Gold necklace: Inner diameter cm 12/12,5; External diameter max cm 15,5; Metal titanium 999 °/°° (24 Kt) gr. 131; Pure gold 999 °/°° (24 Kt) gr 10,2.

Details & Dimensions

  • Height: 15 cm
  • Width: 14 cm
  • Depth: 2 cm
  • Weight: 141.00 g
  • Handmade In Italy
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