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Artisan: Ty's Bag

Ty's Bag Castellane 007

Ty's Bag Castellane 007

Ty's Bag

Ty's Bag Castellane 007

$183.00 USD
Size and Dimensions

Height: 30 cm: Width: 36 cm: Depth: 9 cm: Weight: 600.00 g


Estimated Shipping time: 3/4 weeks
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Win your daily challenges. Travel with your imagination. Start a new adventure. Exceed your obstacles. Saddle up your life! Its round shape represents a new start. The rubber part resumes the grit of a tyre. The core design express the elegance of a sport bike. The clean lines remind you of long roads you have yet to discover. The variety of colours and materials reflect the power of your personality. Can you feel the wind in your hair?

Product Story

Consequently, Ty’s Bag has been created, in Alessandro’s basement, like one of those treasures that finally see the light. The rudimental prototype, created with a rubber tyre, has been improved over the months with the help of valuable partners. A work resulting from passion, amendments and arrangements to obtain the perfect final model, ready for production and ultimately to be worn. An amazing result created with a rubber part, made of non toxic and hypoallergenic material, assembled with high quality leather hand sewn in Italy. Its round shape has been enhanced with a pendant that when needed becomes a bag hook for a table, and included is a polishing sponge to keep the rubber part in perfect condition. Ty’s Bag design has been registered in Italy and abroad, as well as the brand, to protect the originality of the idea.

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