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Artisan: Ronchi Bags

Ursa Minor



The minimalist design of Ursa makes it perfect and functional for your every-day life, but still elegant and unique with its vintage touch that reminds about the bags carried by ancient travellers and traders. Ursa comes with a clip closure change wallet and features leather phone holder, zip closure, utility pocket and adjustable shoulder strap. Ursa is a high quality product, designed and created by Italian artisans experience, just using natural vegetable tanned leather.

Product Story

Ursa Minor is entirely made with Tuscan vegetable tanned leather according to historical Italian handmade tradition. The vegetable tanning in Tuscany is a prodigious process, an alchemy of ingredients entrusted to the expert hands of the tanners, which dose mixtures of natural tannins extracted from plants, the good land water and the passage of time, which is their most faithful ally. The tannin is a substance that may be present in the bark, leaves, wood, roots, or even in the fruits of numerous types of trees or plants. In the Tuscany vegetable tanning they are used mainly vegetable chestnut extracts, mimosa and quebracho. The most common is the extract of quebracho, a tree that grows primarily in Argentina. Tanning Quebracho is synonymous with warmth, aroma, softness, strength, and gives the charm to objects that become the most beautiful and remind us unforgettable moments of our lives. The design and the colours are inspired by fashion and style of the Sixties: lines are geometrical but simples and classics because they are thought to last, never bore and to be used in every occasion.

Product Information

Ursa Minor is a Tuscany vegetable tanned leather bag with adjustable handbag, buckle closure and silver hardware. On the inside there’s a clip closure pocket and a smartphone holder. The little change wallet has a clip closure too. Ursa Minor is already available in red fiesta, yellow, blue marine, leather, and black. As the Italian artisan tradition required, the thread is Gutermann

Details & Dimensions

  • Height: 20 cm
  • Width: 27 cm
  • Depth: 10 cm
  • Weight: 650.00 g
  • Handmade In Italy
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